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Future affirmations

When going on vacations, I prefer to visit a new place every time.

TRUE. I would be bored if I went to the same place.

FALSE. I prefer to go to the same place.

When going through an (open) door, I avoid stepping on the doorstep.

FALSE. I don't care. // I have never thought about it.

Toilet paper should be put in the paper dispenser with the end (= the rolling side) toward the wall.

FALSE: It should be put with the end toward the person.

People who need a long time to prepare to go out annoy me.

I like to be tickled.

I can be physically attracted to someone enough to want to have sex with him / her, but without actually doing it (even when I don't have to be faithful to a partner). I am simply not the type of person who wants to have sex whenever it's physically possible.

I can wait to meet the love of my life for at least 5 years without having sex with other people.

TRUE. I am a one partner kind of person.

FALSE. Yeah, would 5 days do instead? // Are you crazy? I can't wait that much! // I may be faithful, but this would be nuts.

I like / accept a teasing / sardonic / sarcastic humor.

I like danger. / I am attracted to dangerous situations.

I like hunting.

TRUE. Hunting (for pleasure) is a proof of the superiority of humans over other animals.

FALSE. Hunting for pleasure is immoral.

I walk faster than the majority of people.

I like reptiles.

TRUE. They leave me cold (pun intended).

FALSE. They are disgusting.