Interesting websites

Education = Paleoanthropology. = Discussions on intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues. = General education. = News. = Mathematics. = New Scientist magazine. = Physics and astronomy news and information. It's also possible to ask experts in these fields. = News from physics. = Popular Science. = Scientific American. = News. = Origin of life. = Talks of various scientists. = Mendeleev's periodic table of chemical elements.

Education > Sexuality = Health related question and answer from Columbia University's Health Promotion Program. Has a large section about sexuality. = Describes how it is to have a vulva.

IES = The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality is a detailed description of the sexual behavior of people from many countries.


Here are the illustrators whose work I liked while I was researching for artwork for Gardener of Thoughts CG. = Art galeries.

Illustrators > Sci-Fi = Alexander Preuss. (See "The broken armistice".) = Alex Wild (See "Frontier: The Customs".) = Albert Yu. (Cartoonish demo car sketches.) = Andree Wallin. = Sarah Morrison. = Gary Tonge. (Space scenes.) = Andre Surya. (See "Somewhere in the Sky".) = Chris Trevas. (Good comics style.) = Mark Evans. = Jan Jasinski. = Joshua Viers. = Colton Hoerner. (Worked on Stargate TCG.) = Dennis Chan. (Worked on Crysis.) = Maxime des Touches. (Excelent detail.) = Garret Arney-Johnson. and = Randis Albion. = Henning Ludvigsen. (Fantasy oriented. Good painting technique and characters.) = Vadim Motov. = Jacob Charles Dietz. = James Ledger. (Excelent detail. Specifies price.) = (See "The Triumvirate".) = Dragos Jieanu. = Joe Lesaffre. = Jonas De Ro. = Jordan Grimmer. (Detalied painting style.) = Josh Nizzi. = Markus Vogt. = Michael Oswald. (Stunning female android series.) = Kenn Brown and Chris Wren. = Erik van Helvoirt. (Excelent detail.) = Adam Burn. = Peter Jacubinas. = Scott Richard. (City scenes.) = Richard Homola. = Anthony Scroggins. (Cartoonish style. Lots of space suits.) = Sebastien Hue. = Eric Wilkerson. = Christian Hecker / Tigaer. = Todd Lockwood. (Fantasy oriented. Samples are small. Did a throwback to the fifties era of sci-fi covers.)

Illustrators > Fantasy = Andreas Rocha. (Painting oriented. Massive scenes.) = Laura Sava. (Detalied painting style.) = Jeremy Chong (Detalied painting style.) = Yu Cheng Hong. (Painting style.) = Fan Yang. (Good characters, very good clothes and colors.) = Wagner Bruno. (Colorful painting style.) = Bogdan Marica. = Caio Monteiro. (Painting style.) = Ng Fhze Yang. = Cartoonish, very good colors. = Cris Ortega. (Good characters.) = Xu. (Detalied painting style.) = David Gaillet. (Concept.) = Elsa Kroese. (Detalied story-like style.) = Fan Ming. (Epic scenes.) = Fernanda Suarez. (Painting style.) = Flavio Bolla. (Detalied story-like style.) = Good characters. = Franz Vohwinkel. = Gonzalo Ordonez Arias. (Worked on L5R, Myths & Legend.) = Grzegorz Rutkowski. (Painting style.) = Guan Wei (Painting style.) = Igor Artyomenko. = Lian Yan Fang. (Good characters, very good clothes and colors.) = Mominur Rahman. (Detalied painting style.) = Stanley Lau. (Cartoonish, very good colors and characters.) = Agnieszka Miroslaw. (Good characters.) ( ) = Israel Llona Sanchez. = Jason Chan. = Good characters. = Jonas De Ro. = Keja Blank. (Magnificent drawing style.) = Kerem Beyit. = Liza Gokoeva. (Detalied painting style.) = Lius Lasahido. = Liang Xing. = Very good abstracts. = Marc Simonetti. (Detalied painting style.) = Michael Kutsche. (Good characters. Samples are small.) = James Ryman. Good characters. = Nicole Cardiff. = Rado Javor. = Raphael Lacoste. (Painting style.) = Mario Wibisono. = Reinaldo Quintero. (Cartoonish.) = Deane. (Draws women. See "The Sweet Taste of Revenge".) = Scott Johnson. = Elena Berezina. (Detalied story-like style. Gorgeous faces.) = Cynthia Sheppard (Detalied painting style.) = Soa Lee. (Good female characters.) = Tatiana Kirgetova. (Detalied painting style.) = Ivan Flores. (Cartoonish.) = Russell G. (Huge resolution images available.) = Asur Misoa = Dimitris = Wenqing Yan = Artur Rosa = Rakuen

Illustrators > Comics = Adam Warren. = Alex Horley. = Andy Kubert. = Mauro Cascioli. = Hugo Petrus. (Pencil and ink.) = OctoGraphics. = Portela. (Pencil and ink.) = Ulises Arreola. (Coloring.)

Illustrators > Mixed = Alex Jessup. (Detailed painting style.) = Armando Savoia. = Juhani Jokinen. (Detailed painting style.) = Toni Justamante Jacobs. = Jared Blando. (Maps and concept art.)

Illustrators > Textures = Krakograff. = Sirius Sdz.

Illustrators > Designers = Fernando Cruz.